STRBND is one of the hottest brands right now and have a full range of snapbacks, T-Shirts and Beanies. Their urbanist style makes a statement about what it means to be young in the urban jungle and empowers it’s wearers to be bold in a world full of grey concrete.

Their designs are only for the die hard rebels who are smashing stereotypes and don’t give a ***** about doing it. Whether you are blonde, brunette short or tall you can look like a boss!

The unique line brings friends together with duo snap backs and beanies, so you and the crew can charge through town looking F.A.F!


I went to Glastonbury last year and it was amaaaazing… I had decided to buy an outfit for everyday I was there, like you do, along with the essential wellies to get through the mud. When I go to festivals I go all out hardcore and I wanted everyone there to know I wanted to P.A.R.T.Y. I was scrolling through Instagram and found the perfect thing to do it.

I got myself a STRBND snapback which says “BEAST” I though it would sum me up perfectly when I push those other girls out of the way on my way to the mosh pit! Needless to say I came out of the pit much dirtier than when I went in but I showed everyone not to mess with me and the bass!

When I finally got back to my tent for a half an hour nap at 7am I just wiped down the cap with a baby wipe and it was as good as new. STRBND only use hight quality fabric so it can stand up to what ever you have to. The colour on all of their T’s are specially adapted to stay bright wish after wash.


After really liking the snapback I WANTED MORE and it was my friends birthday, she’s my best bitch and I wanted her to know that. I bought this pair of T-shirts for the party, it was a present for her (but one for me too)…

It was a UV party so the white showed up great under the lights and everyone wanted a selfie with us. Now we wear them all the time, sometimes we don’t even tell each other we are going to wear the shirt and we laugh when we both show up in them.

I was amazed when I got a message from STRBND on Twitter after they saw the selfies from the party, they said that I embodied what the brand was about and sent me a load of really cool stuff!!!
I thought this literally never happens to me and we so exited when the box came the NEXT DAY!

As a proud ginger I was so happy when I opened the first pack to find this really awesome GINGIE hoodie, nice touch STRBND!

I really needed a new hoodie with those freezing city nights coming in and it was great to snuggle down in. I washed it and it came out pretty much the same as I put it in which was great because I have a whole wardrobe of shrunken and bobbly hoodies. Now I sit in my hoodie on lazy days with my “Bring Me Some Wine” socks!

On those days where my Boyfriend really p***es me off I just make myself a cup of tea in my favourite mug that I got in the post, it’s also great for when the neighbours are being nosey!

I think that STRBND is really cool and I am not just saying that! I was someone who never really liked brands other than the mainstream ones but I realised than I am just like everyone else. Wearing STRBND makes me feel strong and unique. They deliver the next day and everything is top quality.